Cardi B, Jane Lynch and More Stars React After Trump Announces End to Government Shutdown

Cardi B, Jane Lynch and More Stars React After Trump Announces End to Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is over.

President Donald Trump announced in a Rose Garden speech on Friday that he and the Senate had reached a deal to reopen the government — at least until Feb. 15 — and give back pay to the many federal workers harmed by the 35-day standoff. Funding for Trump’s border wall was not part of the deal.

Over the course of the longest shutdown in U.S. history, the chorus of voices to bring it to an end only grew louder, and included many in the entertainment industry.
Cardi B, who was trolled by conservative media pundit Tomi Lahren over her video calling out Trump and his proposed wall — only to simply but effectively respond, “Leave me alone I will dog walk you” — quote tweeted a doctor on Twitter who suggested “dog walking” is what Nancy Pelosi had done to Trump to bring the shutdown to an end. In her reply, Cardi wrote, “Basically.”
Cardi went on to jokingly take credit for ending the shut down, responding to a tweet about Stephen Colbert’s petition to have her do the State of the Union rebuttal for the democrats, “Why not … I get straight to the point. Government shutdown over.”
Meanwhile, as Pelosi was the face of the Democrats in opposing Trump’s border wall and calling for an end to the shutdown, the Speaker of the House earned much praise after the shutdown ended, including from Jane Lynch, who tweeted, “And to think that a year ago I was all like “No more Pelosi! Dems need new leadership!”. What a naive and ignorant lass I was.”

Some of Trump’s supporters were not so happy about the shutdown. James Woods tweeted after the address, “President Trump loses this round. So be it. Let’s be gracious and extend congratulations to #NancyPelosi and #ChuckSchumer. It is now crystal clear, however, that the #Democrats own our open borders policy. Any consequences are theirs alone.”

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