Why Testosterone Therapy Doesn’t Work – Health News

Why Testosterone Therapy Doesn’t Work – Health News


How do you know your testosterone levels are actually low? Have you taken blood tests to confirm the need for Testosterone Therapy?

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Chances are if you are over the age of 35 this topic has come up in discussions with your Doctor or primary care physician but you haven’t actually taken any action to confirm if your T-levels are low.

We have taken the core questions behind testosterone levels and built a quick survey to determine if a Testosterone Booster is right for you.

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Among men who have genuinely low testosterone – officially called hypogonadism but also known as “low T” – and are experiencing certain symptoms, testosterone replacement may help. Fatigue, increased body fat, reduced sex drive and erections, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms could be signs of low testosterone.

However, older men with normal testosterone levels won’t find a burst of youth from testosterone treatments. Prescription testosterone isn’t really helpful in these cases, research suggests, and may expose men to unnecessary health risks.

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Increased body fat carries a number of health issues and most commonly referred to as obesity. This ‘disease’ in of it’s self can lead to all of the same symptoms someone with low testosterone would experience. This makes hypogonadism extremely hard to diagnose in older males.

By far the most commonly reported symptom improvement comes from an increase in sex drive, erections and energy. These reports have been linked by the user to a more active life style.

The US Health News article which originally posted this information is found below.

Take this quick survey to find the right Testosterone Booster for you.

The hormone has many important functions, including:

  • the development of the bones and muscles
  • the deepening of the voice, hair growth, and other factors related to appearance
  • the production of sperm

Testosterone production can slow as a person ages, and many older men have symptoms of low testosterone.

The American Urology Association define low testosterone as less than 300 nanograms (ng) of the hormone per deciliter (dl) of blood. They also reported that about 2 in every 100 men have low testosterone.


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