Bloomberg/Clinton 2020

Bloomberg/Clinton 2020

Recently reported on drudge report sources close to the Bloomberg campaign are considering a run with Hillary Clinton. Recent poling shows that a Bloomberg/Clinton ticket would be a strong force against the Trump campaign.

This is has been taken a a sign of weakness among the Democratic party and a desperate attempt to consolidate 2016 Hillary voters that still feel cheated.

Others are calling this the Democratic dream team and the sort of unifying gesture that they party needs going into the final stretches of this election season.

SINGAPORE, Singapore: US Senator Hillary Clinton (L) looks on as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at a New York 2012 press conference in Singapore, 05 July 2005, to support New York one day ahead of the IOC members vote on the host city for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Paris and London are considered the front-runners ahead of Madrid, New York and Moscow. AFP PHOTO/PHILIPPE LOPEZ (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Bloomberg has been endorsing the Clintons for decades going back to the days of Bill and most recently in Hillary’s 2016 bid.

This is all showing signs of being an extremely interesting strategy on behalf of the Bloomberg campaign. As rumors of Hillary throwing her hat in the ring still circulate.

Does anyone really want to rehash Hillary’s emails this election cycle?

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